No bow legs anymore, show your long straight nice leg.

Bowlegs is a condition in which the knees stay wide apart when a person stands with the feet and ankles together.

There many people with bow legs are feeling self-conscious and self-abased or unsatisfied for having bowed legs/Genu Varum or knock knees/Genu Valgum.

They are looking for a best way to make your legs more straight and to getting in a good shape for looking better.

Someone will correct their legs by operation. Well, Surgery is recommended by most doctors includes an entire knee replacement surgery. Nearly every one hears about surgery will be scared because of the extremely pain after anesthetic wears off, also the ugly surgical scars will affect legs beauty.

So more and more people would choose a natural way instead of legs surgery,  so the wrapping bandage correction will be the most ideal correction for you, do not be pessimistic, with keeping using the lycra fabric legs correction belt in accordance with our practicing actions regularly, when the days are ticking by and legs are improving bit by bit, you will notice the changing.
If knock-knee curve is caused by over-weight, then you’ d better lose weight firstly and then if your legs regain beauty, that would be great.
How to get skinny legs? How to cure bow legged naturally? How to correct unsatisfied legs shape? with the bandage, your legs will be more and more attractive.

Lycra fabric bow legged correction & straighten unsatisfied legs adjustable correction bandage is invented and has gotten national patent. With our Lycra fabric bandage, it will improve those legs conditions naturally and balance your legs to be more upright and beautiful.


      The product is different from the other legs belt products. We have the obvious design characters that four bandages act on four body positions, waist, thigh, knee joint and the calf. In the meantime, the lateral sides buckle design will strengthen the stationarity. Our correction bandage will not only act on legs, but also the belly band will make your waist slender and reshape your waist. Every summer season, ladies can wear the short skirts as their wishes. As the saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way. Practicing correctly and regularly, you will gain what you are hard working for. Our common goal is to have better and ideal legs.

How to get long straight nice legs
What’s considered as nice legs?

Nice legs refer to a shapely, long, straight female legs. The measure of obesity of legs determined by the height. That means if you’re tall, then your legs should be accordingly plump, so that your legs looks well-proportioned. Length and straight determine whether your legs looks beautiful.

The standard of nice legs

1. Length of legs should be more than 80cm

2. Divide Length of legs by Height of body, and the number you got is higher than 48%.

3. The legs are well-proportioned, round thighs and long shank.

4. Soft, sleek, smooth legs that are not “chunky” fat, or hairy.

5. The legs are straight, no deformed X shaped leg or bow legs

Legs that are straight and long make you look fabulous.

Legs rated higher on the “Parts of woman’s body men like most” list. Long legs are what guys would call sexy, girls with long legs tend to have great bodies. And they are probably the closest thing a regular guy can get to having a Model girlfriend. Plus high heels look awesome!!!  And, with long legs, it instantly makes you look taller, and thinner.

Do you have slight bowed legs?

Nowadays, Many girls are slight bowlegged, you may don’t believe that. So If the length of your legs is over half of the height of you body, If the space between your legs is less than 2cm when you bring your legs together. If your answer is YES, then congratulations! You got very straight and beautiful legs, if it’s No, that means you may got Slight genu varus.

Badness of bow legs

  1. Bow legs make your shorter.
  2. With bow legs, you may not only had trouble walking.
  3. You can’t show your legs in summer.
  4. You may feel inferior with bow legs.

Why your legs not straight or long enough?

The immediate cause is the poor posture of standing, walking and sitting. Catwalk, sit cross-legged, kneeling and walking in high heels for a long time will force the knees outwards, and then, the stress will pulls the ectal ligament of the knee-joint and make it becoming lax.

How to get straight long beautiful legs?1. Do simple exercises with a bow legged correction bandage.

2.Winter is coming, keep your legs warm, and the most simple way is cover your legs with your sweater.

3.Walking backward 8 steps each time, please note to keep going straight and landing heel first.

4.Sat straight up with your legs as tightly together as possible whenever you have time. That will not only correct your bow leg but also make your thighs thin.

Who needs the bow legged correction bandage most?

  1. People who are supposed to care about beauty
  2. People who are Leg Models
  3. People who got a sedentary office work

How it works for your legs?

1. belly band will make your waist slender and reshape your waist

2. the upper legs closes together tightly to reach the goal of shaping up.

3. tighten the space under the knock knees.

4. four bandages act on waist, thigh, knee joint and the calf at the same time.